Epiphanies Tarot

Epiphanies Tarot by Mystic-Mentor
copyright 2016 2017 by Michele Andres

Epiphanies Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck that will spark your intuition as you, yourself, take on the role of The Fool stepping into each card's scene, divining hidden truths.

Your intuition will intensify as you consult with Epiphanies Tarot. Since the images are of everyday oracles, power animals, and psychically known signs and symbols, your readings will speak to you all day long. You'll begin to see #TarotEverywhere, confirming and reaffirming your sparks of epiphany.

Designed to evolve your psychic intuition as you practice, the cards are cryptically numbered and word-free so that you can intuitively develop your own, unique supernatural sign language. Use the #ExtraMysticalActivities Cards included with your deck to co-create a personalized divination system like no other. You may also play along by engaging in the daily posts with other Epiphanies fans on facebook.

Epiphanies Tarot was lovingly created by me, Michele Andres, beginning in 2015 by re-creating three tarot cards every month, using:

- my original photography collaged with fully licensed stock images

- inspired by Rider-Waite-Smith with modern-day symbolism

- borderless tarot cards, dimensions: 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm)

- Choose your own cardstock:
  1. smooth 300 gsm - quality cardstock with blue core
  2. linen 310 gsm - professional quality cardstock with black core
  3. smooth 330 gsm - superior smooth, professional grade cardstock with black core
  4. superior smooth plastic - 13pt 100% white plastic (0.325mm) thin, tear-proof, water-proof, very cool!
- Epiphanies Tarot is totally unique in that it is a perpetual deck in progress. One new tarot card is re-created thrice monthly, so your deck will be nearly one of a kind. New versions come out each season.

- view entire complete deck at

- if you prefer older or newer versions of any of the cards, custom orders are always welcomed.

Love, Peace, Blessings, and Epic Joy to YOU