Michele has always had an extraordinary connection with her Spirit Team, gifting her with undeniable intuitive insights. She communicates with the Divine through claircognizance and clairvoyance, by interpreting the signs and symbols of her Epiphanies Tarot cards and everyday oracles.

Devoted to empowering others to realize and develop their own unique mystical abilities, Michele teaches Divination, Spiritual Communication, and Psychic Skills Development.

Michele is the author of Epiphanies Tarot, a divination deck designed to intensify intuition. Her company, Mystic-Mentor.com, is the gateway to Extra-Mystical-Activities, which are daily social media posts meant to stretch your mystical muscles when you play along.

Michele Andres is an IMPART trained Psychic/Medium, HMI certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and the author of  Epiphanies Tarot - a divination deck designed to intensify intuition.

Each individualized intuition session includes a Prediction plus a Plan:
  • Psychic readings
  • Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Past-life and Future-life explorations
  • Mystical Gifts discovery and development
  • Spiritual Communication training
  • Business and Life Mentoring

Choose the appointment setting that's best for you:

  • emailings via correspondence counseling
  • phone sessions
  • private-in public in the Inland Empire
  • private offices in Santa Ana, CA
  • individuals and groups
  • parties, holidays and special events