What do you see? 
What do I see? 

The only right answer is your own. 
...and so it is with intuition.

"For me..."

For me, my intuition is my Higher-Self and Spirit-Team communicating with me. 
I notice signs in dozens of different ways, and I get a flash of instant knowing. 
That's how it works for me.

I say, for me, because your intuition, your signs, and your meanings will be totally unique to you.

I love how Robert Moss, author of Dream Gates, suggests we help each other in interpreting the signs and symbols of dreams by responding, 
"If that were my dream, it would mean..." 

Ultimately, realizing the meaning is up to you.

How to interpret a sign:

1. Examine your feelings about it.
- Are you elated, ambivalent, worried, embarrassed, or..?

2. Consider your first thought about it.
- Often times your very first impression is that intuitive flash of knowing. 
Trust it.

3. Not getting it is an invitation to dig deeper.
- google it
- ask others what it would mean to them
- pull a tarot or oracle card
- journal about it

- wait and see if it appears elsewhere in your future.

4. Notice what feels right and decide upon the meaning.

5. Record it in your own, ever developing, on going Lexicon.

Your Lexicon
This is the most important step in mastering what I call Supernatural Sign Language. Your Lexicon is more valuable to you than any other mystic tool or technique you'll ever acquire. Those who commit to contributing to it daily are blessed with extraordinary intuitive abilities.

Stay tuned this month for more posts and tips on creating your own mystical, magical Lexicon.

For now, what does this inkblot mean to you?
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