Life by the Numbers is a planning system using Numerology, Tarot, and the Moon to set yourself up for ease and flow by matching your intentions to your daily numerological vibe.

Ever notice how two people with the same goals, living in very similar ways, can have totally different outcomes? 

One seems lucky and it appears that everything just falls together for her.

The other one just can't seem to make anything work out.
It's because the lucky one found her highest/best groove.
She's stumbled upon being in step with her numerological vibe.

What is numerological vibe?
In Numerology our date of birth determines our Life Path Number, which is a set number. 
As we live through the days, months, and years we cycle through each of nine numerological vibrations at each level and experience these according to our Life Path.

By knowing our
Life Path Number 
Personal Year Number 
Personal Month Number, and 
Personal Day Number
...and tapping into these numerological vibes,
we can change our outcomes into being that person,
the lucky one, the one who's always at the right place at the right time, and everything just seems to happen for.

Imagine being someone who's goals and intentions come together magically with ease and flow.

Here's a glimpse of everything you'll learn about in our month long series:

Your Life Path Number and the corresponding Tarot card.
Your Numbers Cycle, based on the calendar.
The meanings of each of the nine numbers in the cycles and how they relate to your year, month, and day.
How to use the Tarot for meaning and guidance hand-in-hand with Numerology.
Powerful New Moon and Full Moon practices to use in accordance with your unique numbers.

If this all sounds a little complicated, just know, I'm here to make it simple and we'll #LearnAlong as we go.

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