Hi, there. My name is Michele Andres.
I'm a Mystic and a Teacher of Divination and Supernatural-Sign-language.

I offer totally unique intuitive tarot readings
giving you not only a prediction but also a plan toward making your deepest desires come to life.
. . . o r . . .
I teach you how to be your own intuitive and develop amazing mystic skills.

By playing along in my Extra-Mystical-Activities groups on facebook or google+
you'll get a free taste of various forms of divination.

Then, go deeper by taking one of my classes,
with a curriculum custom designed to grow your own special intuitive gifts.

Let's get to know each other.
Lately, discussions on facebook, twitter, and google+ have been about tarot and travel,
but I really want to know what you're into.

At the moment...
I'm creating my next tarot card for Epiphanies Tarot,
a perpetual deck in progress with a new card created every ten days, forever.

How about you?
Let's talk on your favorite form of social media, where real conversations happen.

If your email inbox is overflowing like mine,
you'll be glad to know that I'm not asking you to subscribe to my newsletter.
Follow me, talk with me, and play along in Extra-Mystical-Activities.

My clients tend to be "friends" and friends-of-friends
who are ready to stretch their mystic-muscles or in need of a Prediction plus a Plan.