Revival, Resurgence, Recovery, Restoration, Regeneration, Reappearance
...all clearer and easier to understand than the traditional name for this card, Judgement.

This is the Born-Again card.
Often caused by an epiphany, your entire way of living and thinking may never be the same.
Because you're seeing things in a new light, you've risen to a higher state of being.
Old ways have passed away.
All things are new.

~> Write a journal entry as your new-self describing how different your day is now that this new-life miracle has occurred. Mention only briefly the low feelings that have magically disappeared. Focus the majority of your writing on all the positive emotions that have risen up and how amazing your new-way and new-day are now.

Write in the "as if I Am Now" format of first person, present tense, in the current moment. Talk about what's going on now and what you are planning for the immediate future. Make your writing very sensual and full of feeling.

What if you aren't feeling it? 
Feelings can be decisions. Try writing in the voice of the new-you who is feeling a personal revival. Put your all into it and be amazed at the shift in energy to lighter, happier emotions. It may become your new addiction.

~> Share your experience of Revival.