Mystic-Mentor's Quick & Easy way to Read Poker Cards

Numerology + Suits + Sparks

1.  Numbers 1 - 9 have certain meanings in Numerology. 

Choose a few keywords that resonate with you to assign to each number and memorize.
Here's mine: (but it's easiest to remember if you decide on your own)
  1. Ace = seed, independent, solo, beginning
  2. = couple, partner, pair, balance
  3. = creation, collaboration, celebration
  4. = stability, boring, status quo
  5. = drama, adventure, midway
  6. = harmony, love, choices
  7. = intuition, weirdness, the unexpected
  8. = power, strength, eternity
  9. = climax, mastery, endings
  10. = cycles, endings leading to new beginnings
2.  Each Court card suggests a certain degree of mastery:
  • Jack = student -  to learn, to take action
  • Queen = teacher -  to nurture, to assist
  • King = ruler -  to take charge, to force
3. Each Suit represents the energy of the situation:
Clubs = passions, spirituality, inspiration
Diamonds = career, money, our material world
Spades = thoughts, conflicts, and mental dramas
Hearts = emotions, feelings, and relationships

How To Read Poker Cards 
Numerology + Suits + Sparks

Ask for advice, a "how might I..." type of question.
Shuffle, cut, and draw three cards.

Combine the meanings of the number and suit for each card to spark your intuition.

Intuit your answer by blending the sparks from each of the three cards into a response.

Sample Reading
Question: How might I discover who my soul mate is?
3 Card Answer:
~ Ace of Diamonds = start considering someone at work.
~ King of Spades = take a good look at who's in charge.
~ 7 of Hearts = you'll know in your heart who your soulmate is, so trust your intuition.

Have fun stretching your mystical muscles with this ExtraMystical.Activity
Play around with this method and make it your own.
Let us know the variations you've come up with.