Imagine being interested in playing a musical instrument for the first time. 
Even if you're musically inclined, you probably won't be able to play well on DayOne. 
Usually, it will take time and dedicated practice. 

It's the same with all the Psychic Instruments like tarot, oracle decks, runes, pendulums, tea leaves, and dozens of others.

For me, without initial ambitions of being a Professional Mystic, the intense study and practice in becoming a Hypnotherapist and a Tarot Reader revealed that there's a whole lot more to being intuitive than waiting for women's intuition to strike. 
Learning these skill brought out the Psychic in me, amazed me, and made me amazing.

You, too, can be in the Band!
Be a Psychic, Divinatrix, Lightworker, Tarot Reader (etc.) as a professional or just for fun. 
It is possible, doable, and totally all up to you!

First steps:
Choose a tool

I'm in love with Tarot. It's been my gateway drug to Supernatural Sign Language
More important, though; what instrument of divination is calling you? 
Get it. Use it. Practice²

Join a tribe
One thing that held me back in the past was that my friends and family thought my mystical-skills made me a circus freak. 
I had no one to relate to, learn from, share with, or to practice on.
So, I gave birth to Extra Mystical Activities on facebook and google+

Now, I know scads of really cool people and we're there for eachother, to teach to, and to learn from. 
We make a positive difference in eachother's lives daily.

Practice x practice. Live it. Be it. Do it.
Read great books and actually apply the lessons. 

PlayAlong in person and online with the best practice tool ever -- 
QuidProQuo Tarot. (Not just for Tarot-ists. Any divination will do)

...and when you're ready to level up - Let's talk! I can help you:

  • decide on the best divination tool for you,
  • figure out what's going on with paranormal stuff,
  • protect yourself from negative energies,
  • recommend the best resources,
  • introduce you to practice partners, and
  • personally mentor you on your mystic journey.

with the subject line "Free Intuitive Discovery Session"
and let me know about your psychic passions.