Soul-Oh Retreats

My absolute favorite Extra.Mystical.Activity 
is going off on a Soul-Oh adventure. 
...just me and my Spirit Team!

This time, I'm venturing eleven-hundred miles to Portland, Oregon 
to attend a World Domination Summit Academy 
taught by Theresa Reed. It's going to be a blast!

The journey to and from can be the most transformative part.
Soul-Oh [solo] meaning - a solitary retreat with the purpose 
of giving your Soul some time and space to reveal epiphanies.

The Six of Thorns 
[6 of Swords] 
...the perfect tarot card for a Soul-Oh talisman.

Advice from the Six of Thorns
  • Steer your own canoe, go your own way, but go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
  • Like the happy pup, your Spirit-Team is your constant companion and enthusiastic guide. Just ask!
  • Leave your baggage behind.
  • Forget-me-nots ~ make sure the people at home know how much you appreciate them and consider setting up a reliable tracking system for everyone's comfort.
  • Go bravely, with positive expectations into the unknown.
  • Remember to ask for directions. Devise a system of asking and receiving answers for two-way spiritual communication, and take some quite time out in beauty and meditative reflection.
  • Choices ~ there are always several paths to take. Choose the Highest/Best.
  • Thorns ~ show your appreciation for the challenges of your past by applying lessons learned in all your future endeavors. You're better now. Be grateful.

Here are some suggested practices that have made my Soul-Ohs really meaningful:

Spirit is your constant travel companion, but a Soul-Oh adventure is the perfect time to be aware of that. 
Try to "pray without ceasing." 

Make up a practice that's totally your own and include an intention, some ritual, and a closing ceremony that honors and solidifies your Soul-Oh into new ways of being and blessing others.

Know your intention for the adventure. Write it down. 
Mine, this time, is to take in an amazing amount of inspiration for my Epiphanies Tarot creation ...easily, clearly, freely... and write it out in ways that are inspirational, helpful, and healing, so to spark epiphanies in others.
Others may have intentions...
- of sorting out what's in their heart
- getting in touch with the next step on their path
- discovering something totally new about themselves
- focusing on a current work in progress
- just being totally open to Spirit's guidance

Is there some special way to honor the process, to tell your own mind and heart that .this. is magical? To say, Now, at this time, I'm in a state of sacredness...
- a prayer addressing only the Highest Spirits
- a prayer of gratitude
- a magical token, candle, tarot/oracle card...
- a Holy scent (like rose-water)
- a ceremonial scarf, hat, jewelry, pen 
- your practice - walking, being still in prayer, writing...

Closing Ceremony 
- a prayer of gratitude
- a commitment to implement guidance
- a prayer for protection and blessings to remain in only the Highest/Best vibration.
- something to leave behind 
-- a prism, a stone from home, a ribbon, a book... to say, "Spirit and I were here, and here's a blessing." Then, take a picture to commemorate the moment. Post it with the written blessing.
- something to take with you
-- prayer of gratitude, an action list, an epiphany... Post it to bless others.

...and some final tips and resources:
- Plan the entire Soul-Oh using
- Eat whole foods from the grocery store. They are fresh, healthy, and less expensive.
- Bring a glass water bottle to refill, but not too often or you'll need to stop and pee a lot.
- Create a sound-track and a theme song for the trip. Mine is Parov Stelar's The Sun
- Ask for spiritual protection, carry yourself with confidence, look and be strong.
- GPS track connect with someone at home.
-Keep an on-line journal with pictures. google+ automatically backs up all your pictures in the cloud.
- I use for lists, journaling, planning, reminders, reservations, and too much more to list.

~> Share your Soul-Oh epiphanies with us in our Extra.Mystical.Activities communities on facebook and google+

Love, Peace, Blessings and Joy to YOU on your next Soul-Oh and always.